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EFS-Images-GIInsuring your home from the elements, malicious or accidental damage is usually a condition of the mortgage lender that provides finance on your property. Even if this were not the case it makes good sense to ensure you have a call on sufficient funds to make repairs should disaster strike. Such cover is available from a Buildings Insurance policy.

Many people allow their mortgage lender to suggest the provider of this valuable insurance cover. This could mean that the premiums you are paying are higher than really needed. With many insurance companies offering good quality low cost insurance cover it might be wise for you to consider arranging alternative cover to replace the existing insurer.

While buildings insurance is concerned with the fabric of your home, this is not the only thing at risk. It is equally important to safeguard your possessions and to do this you need Contents Insurance. This can be provided by a separate policy or included as part of the same Buildings Insurance policy. Although insurance can never cover the sentimental value of your personal belongings, good quality policies can provide the money to replace broken, damaged, or stolen items.

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