EFS-Images-PIn this new millennium we are all living longer and retiring earlier. This means that your retirement fund will have to grow quicker and last longer than before.

It goes without saying that we should all have provision in place for our retirement, but choosing the most appropriate method can leave us with a real headache. There is a plethora of different pension schemes available

The main way of funding for retirement is through a personal or company pension schemes because of their tax benefits. If you are not eligible to join a company scheme then you may wish to consider a personal pension plan.

Pensions come in all shapes and sizes with a variety of features. You may want to have the flexibility to stop and start payments or to make additional contributions on top of your existing arrangements. In addition the new stakeholder pensions introduced by the government will have a great influence on any choices being made.

Investment performance is probably the most important criterion affecting the value of your pension and we can look for pension providers who combine low charges with good investment performance.

Making the wrong decisions can have serious implications for your future financial security so contact us to discuss your options open to you.

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